Management Team

Brooke Davidson

Sales & Marketing


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Joanne Hazan

CEO / Owner

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Simon Hazan

President / Owner

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Marco Sarkardeh

Operations Manager

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Kristi Keels


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Dave Erdman

Worldwide Affiliate Manager

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  • Use your smartphone to discover restaurants, make reservations and check out menus in advance
  • Keep your credit cards and cash in separate places. If you lose one, you’ve still got the other
  • Scan important documents like boarding passes, passports and travel insurance and keep on your personal device or laptop
  • Notify your credit card company if you plan to use your card while traveling so you have card access from other cities
  • Before you check out of your hotel room, look under the bed, in the closet, and behind the bathroom door for forgotten items
  • Refill your prescriptions one week before traveling and make sure you take numbers for your doctor and pharmacy just in case
  • Suspend mail and newspaper delivery, and make arrangements for pet sitting or boarding