Mini-Bus Transportation that Exceeds Expectations

Executive Car Service's (ECS) mini-bus transportation service provides comfort, dependability, and convenience that will exceed your expectations. The ECS mini-buses have seating for up to 32 people. As you relax in an ECS mini-bus, arm rests and high backs provide comfort and support while the touring windows provide an opportunity to enjoy the views.

ECS' mini-bus fleet has ample luggage space, and can accommodate large promotional items for conventions and trade shows if you are traveling with a display.

ECS offers Worldwide car service, including service in more than 600 cities in the United States and throughtout the world. ECS is the one point of contact you will need for nationwide group ground travel arrangements, including reservations, schedule changes, and billing. ECS offers 24 hour mini-bus service, which includes the ability to make reservations and travel by mini-bus 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If you reserve a mini-bus for your group today, you will travel with the peace of mind that ECS will take care of you and your groups transportation needs at rates that make ECS the best choice for ground transport throughout the United States and around the world. Make an online reservation for an ECS mini-bus or call ECS at 1-800-743-3151 to set up your next mini bus trip.

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  • Use your smartphone to discover restaurants, make reservations and check out menus in advance
  • Keep your credit cards and cash in separate places. If you lose one, you’ve still got the other
  • Scan important documents like boarding passes, passports and travel insurance and keep on your personal device or laptop
  • Notify your credit card company if you plan to use your card while traveling so you have card access from other cities
  • Before you check out of your hotel room, look under the bed, in the closet, and behind the bathroom door for forgotten items
  • Refill your prescriptions one week before traveling and make sure you take numbers for your doctor and pharmacy just in case
  • Suspend mail and newspaper delivery, and make arrangements for pet sitting or boarding