How to Choose Your Executive Transportation: Chauffeur vs. Black Car Services

Whether you live in a large city that makes driving nearly impossible, or you plan to have a night of drinking, driving services are essential.

Chauffeured car services and black car services are amongst the most popular driving services. Yet, many people aren’t sure what the difference is between these two services!

If you aren’t sure of which driving service you should use, keep reading!

What is Black Car Service?

The way black car service runs is similar to that of Uber or Lyft.

While you request the service through one provider, the independent driver owns the vehicle. It compares to a traditional taxi service.

While a black car service can be convenient if you need a ride somewhere, there are problems that can arise. One of these being miscommunications between the black car service and the independent driver.

This can also lead to a lack of accountability from the driver and black car service.

Before an independent driver can start picking up passengers, they aren’t required to have their cars inspected. This means you could potentially be getting into an unsafe car and have no idea.

What Are Chauffeured Car Services?

While a black car service runs independently from the driver, chauffeured car services are much more professional.

Before a chauffeur can begin driving passengers around, they must pass an extensive amount of screening. On top of being screened for safety, professional chauffeurs are tested on their driving ability and knowledge.

Before they can start driving, they’re trained for the job as well.

Not only is the chauffeur inspected for safety, but the vehicle must live up to specific standards to be offered to passengers. Vehicles through a professional chauffeur service are cleaned thoroughly, inspected for safety, and are a newer model.

Black Car Vs Chauffeured Car Services

If you’re looking for a ride somewhere, either service will get you there.

However, if you’re looking for quality, professionalism, and safety, you’ll find that the chauffeured car service is the better choice. Since chauffeured car services are offered by larger companies, you can feel confident in knowing that they will correct any issues should they happen.

For example, if a driver is late or your ride is unpleasant, a chauffeur service is much more likely to offer something to make up for this.

A black car service will get you where you need to be quick. However, there isn’t much accountability from the company should you be dissatisfied with your service. Black car services are much smaller than chauffeur companies, so you may find that your complaints go unheard.

If safety, cleanliness, and professionalism aren’t huge concerns to you, you may find that the black car service is a better option.

Which Driving Service Will You Choose?

Choosing who you trust to drive you is a huge decision.

Your safety and wellbeing are on the line, so it’s important to choose the best driving service available to you.

If you’re looking for chauffeured car services, reach out to us today for an estimate!