Planning a Retreat? 5 Reasons Your Church Group Should Take a Charter Bus

Looking to take your church group on the road?

Retreats are an excellent way to get away from the daily grind and build forever friendships.

Planning a retreat is very exciting, but you want to be prepared. One of the first things that come to mind when planning the trip is how should we travel? 

Getting there is half the battle—or should it be a battle at all? Here are a few reasons why choosing a charter bus for your trip will make your excursion divine.

1. Plan the Trip, Not the Commute

Planning trips can be a hassle, especially when you’re planning for an entire group.

Who needs the additional stress of finding routes, seeking pit stops, and deciding who will drive?

With charter buses, all you’ll need to do is tell the driver where you want to go. Now you can focus on thinking about the fun stuff.

2. Easy, Safe Travel

On a normal road trip, you’ll most likely ask yourself the following questions:

  • Where did I put my keys?
  • Where should I park my car?
  • Will my car be towed or ticketed here?
  • Do I need to get gas?

Forget it. Your charter bus driver will take care of managing all of this.

Commercial drivers are also experts in their field—with extensive training requirements to become a driver, they’ll make sure you get to your destination safely.

3. Charter Buses= Commuting Luxury

Finding the ideal way to transport a group from Point A to Point B can be challenging.

Traditional buses are drafty, their seats are uncomfortable, and any slight turn or speed bump can turn a ride into a rodeo in a heartbeat. Cars are more comfortable than buses but often become cramped after inserting luggage into the equation.

The charter bus resolves these issues with comfortable reclining seats and exterior/overhead luggage storage locations, allowing riders to have plenty of space during their voyage.

Depending on the model of the charter bus you choose, you can also have additional perks such as WiFi, televisions, personal charging outlets, and yes, even bathrooms!

4. Save Money and the Environment

Traditional road trips get expensive fast.

Charter buses provide a more affordable alternative to carpooling and caravanning.

Furthermore, the American Bus Association has found that busses are a far greener alternative to cars. Your wallet and the environment will thank you later.

5: Make Lasting Memories

By riding a charter bus, you’ll have more time to spend quality time with your group.

No matter how you decide to use this extra time, you’ll be thankful that you can focus on the experience, not the road.

Your Chariot Awaits!

Be confident in planning your travel and make this trip memorable (in a good way) by taking a charter bus.

Need recommendations on what the best fit would be for your trip?

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