Walking in a Winter Wonderland: 5 Winter Vacations For December

A lot of people set up plans to flee the snow when it comes around. While it’s understandable to avoid the cold, it’s important to realize that there’s a lot of opportunity in the winter.

Vacations don’t have to be all about beaches and warm weather, getting out and active in the winter can lead to some of the most unique, memorable vacations out there.

We’re going to discuss 5 ideas for winter vacations in this article, hopefully inspiring you to embrace the idea of a slightly chillier trip.

5 Ideas for Winter Vacations

We’ll try to touch on various destinations with a number of activities for the family to enjoy. Keep an open mind, and let’s embark on an exploration of winter wonderlands!

1. Breckenridge, CO

Our first stop is the lovely, classic winter destination, Breckenridge.

First off, this is an excellent place to visit if your family has any skill on the slopes. Skiing and snowboarding in Breckenridge is probably the highest quality in the world.

Whether you’re experts who are looking for a thrill or just trying to enjoy a few days of moderate activity against the backdrop of beautiful mountains, you’re in luck. Additionally, the town is picturesque and offers activities for any family to enjoy.

2. New York City

There are few places that embrace the holiday spirit more than New York City. The town is more than equipped with hospitality, lodging, and activities for you to partake in.

If you time it outright, you could get involved in some of the iconic activities, like the ball drop, available to you during the holiday season. Additionally, finding flights to New York is relatively easy because it’s such a hot spot.

3. Yellowstone National Park

Winter months are a little less busy in National Parks. While the snow could restrict you from hitting a couple of spots, you’ll have all the more time to enjoy a personal experience in the vast Yellowstone National Park.

There are a lot of winter activities to partake in, as well as the usual sightseeing opportunities that are simply unforgettable.

4. Albuquerque, New Mexico

If you’re not interested in being too cold, Albuquerque is the perfect blend of weather and holiday spirit. You might still need to wear some light gloves, but you won’t be dreading the thought of stepping outside.

Additionally, you’ll be able to experience the Twinkle of Light Parade, River of Lights, and the BioPark Botanic Garden.

5. Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park is another section of pristine land within the United States. There’s nothing more breathtaking than witnessing untouched land and getting to engage with it along with the members of your group.

There’s something to be said about engaging with nature, working together, and growing through an experience like the ones you could have traversing Glacier National Park.

Need Help with the Specifics?

Winter vacations are an amazing way to punctuate the cold months and add a little joy to your season. That said, they can be difficult to plan.

If you’re interested in getting some new ideas on how to plan and execute a vacation, you’re in luck. Visit our site for the information you need.